Product Liability/Injury

An example of an adulterated product that was proven to lead to hearing loss and/or tinnitus when utilized as directed are the 3M CAEv2 Combat Arms Earplugs provided to the military.

The earplug design flaw precluded users from achieving a proper fit, seal and/or caused imperceptible loosening, compromising a continued seal. The extreme composition and levels of steady state, impact, and explosion has been described as levels from 85-185 dB. The result for the servicemen using these earplugs in combat was injury to the inner ear and/or auditory pathways from exposure to the hazardous noise.
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Another example of a product causing auditory injuries are the electronic cigarettes or vape pen.

The National Fire Data Center reports that the electronic cigarettes using lithium-ion batteries is a unique hazard. There have been 195 incidents of the battery exploding between January 2009 and December 2016. The force of the blast creates an estimated peak SPL of >132 dB, which is a level known to create significant hearing loss and/or tinnitus.

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