Ototoxic Chemical Exposure

Exposure to chemicals or fumes can be from breathing the chemicals in, consuming food or drinks that have been contaminated, or absorbing chemicals through the skin by touching them.

Once exposed, these chemicals can travel through the blood stream and injure the inner ear and damage the nerves that transmit information to the brain.

Some products that can cause hearing damage are:

  • Benzene – plastics, pints, cleaning agents, cigarette smoke.
  • Carbon Disulfide – pesticides
  • Carbon monoxide – cigarette smoke, welding, and gas power tools and vehicles
  • Solvents
  • Metals and compounds.
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Sometimes, exposure to chemicals can make the ears more sensitive to the harmful effects of noise.

Being exposed to both loud noise and ototoxic chemicals can cause more hearing damage than either noise or chemical exposure by itself.

Dr. Traynor can evaluate each of these ototoxicants and determine the effects and future auditory implications for your client.

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