Acoustic Blast Injury

Acoustic trauma, such as in an explosion, is a noise induced hearing loss that involves an acute exposure to a short-term impulse noise that is extremely intense.

Exposure to an acoustic blast causes the sound wave to create a cascade of metabolic events severe enough to disrupt and dislodge structures in the inner ear which can create massive impairment throughout the auditory system resulting in substantial hearing loss. Those that experience hearing loss in only one ear because of an explosion lose localization of sound and distance hearing.
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Additionally, research has found that those exposed to the primary blast waves report high rates of vestibular dysfunction, such as vertigo, oscillopsia (vision/balance issues), imbalance, and dizziness.

Dr. Traynor will make appropriate referrals for specialized audiological testing and provide interpretation of all diagnostics to formulate an expert opinion and/or refer to other experienced professionals if necessary.
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